Friday, February 20, 2009

Today I took a walk, by Style

Today I took a walk
And hated every minute of the heat
But loved that the sun was warming my soul
Today was a day to learn more about my environment and surrounding
I went into stores, I have always wanted to see
I spoke to different people
Even smiled at a few
I decided just to love the walk
I decided to be open to my thoughts
Today I felt the sun warm my soul
Every step I was closer to home,
I wanted to take another step back
So that today’s lessons would not end
Today was a day for learning
Today was a day to live
As I look back at my walk
It seemed so perfect
Life still was hard, and times have not changed much
But today my walk was perfect
I looked deep into people’s eyes
And wondered what they felt
I wish I could heal all their pains
but know that I can’t
And wonder if they could feel my heart
Today was a day for lessons
Today made me smile
Today I felt the sun warm my soul
My walk could not be longer or shorter
It was just the right speed
At just the right time.
I’m not sure if I will ever have a walk like today’s
But If I do hope that the next one is even greater.

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