Friday, February 20, 2009

The First Commercial I did, corny right.

job corp commercial

Today I took a walk, by Style

Today I took a walk
And hated every minute of the heat
But loved that the sun was warming my soul
Today was a day to learn more about my environment and surrounding
I went into stores, I have always wanted to see
I spoke to different people
Even smiled at a few
I decided just to love the walk
I decided to be open to my thoughts
Today I felt the sun warm my soul
Every step I was closer to home,
I wanted to take another step back
So that today’s lessons would not end
Today was a day for learning
Today was a day to live
As I look back at my walk
It seemed so perfect
Life still was hard, and times have not changed much
But today my walk was perfect
I looked deep into people’s eyes
And wondered what they felt
I wish I could heal all their pains
but know that I can’t
And wonder if they could feel my heart
Today was a day for lessons
Today made me smile
Today I felt the sun warm my soul
My walk could not be longer or shorter
It was just the right speed
At just the right time.
I’m not sure if I will ever have a walk like today’s
But If I do hope that the next one is even greater.

The Day I fell in love, by Style

Have you ever been in the right place at the right time?
Well 2 days ago I had that day
And yes it was a wonderful day
Many thoughts crossed my mind
But every move I made hit the right moment
If I had to describe this day, it was like falling in love
Maybe even at first sight
So I have choose to use lady for the word DAY
I walked out the store after talking to many people
And ran into that lady
At the right time at the right moment
But even at the time she walked pass me
The way her glow hit the sky
It almost blinded me
The way heels hit the pavement
I almost fell
Even the way her eyes saw the world
I could feel the passion
My breath was so far gone
I almost could not speak her name
I can even remember the way she turned
Her hand first touched her hair
To move it out of her face
Twisting her hips, her left foot pushed deep into the ground
Turning her body, her eyes hit my soul
This day I decided to go to the store after the bank
Have you ever been in the right place at the right time?
Before she got in my car I opened her door
Before I held her hand I spoke her name
Before held her close I smelled her perfume
Have you ever made the right move at the right time?
I took off my shoes before I set in the grass
I felt the wind hit my face before I embraced the world
I wished her close before I touched her face
Even the sun blazed between the trees at the right moment
Hitting her face as her smile rapped my heart
Even her voice hit my ears before I could lose my breath
Have you ever heard the right tone at the right moment?
This day I decided to listen before I spoke
This day I decided to learn before I assumed
This day I decided to love before I pushed away
Have you ever learn something about yourself at the right time
From my thoughts to my actions every moved placed me in the right place, at right time